“All creatures - from stars to humans to insects - share in the consciousness of the primary creative force, and each, in its own way, mirrors a form of that consciousness. In this sense the Dreamtime stories perpetuate a unified world view. This unity compelled the Aborigines to respect and adore the earth as if it were a book imprinted with the mystery of the original creation. The goal of life was to preserve the earth, as much as possible, in its initial purity. The subjugation and domestication of plants and animals and all other manipulation and exploitation of the natural world - the basis of Western civilization and “progress” - were antithetical to the sense of a common consciousness and origin shared by every creature and equally with the creators. To exploit this integrated world was to do the same to oneself.”
— Robert Lawlor, Voices of the First Day; Awakening in the Aboriginal Dreamtime

Throughout our history on this planet, we have created views of being in this world that are no longer working for us. We can no longer view Earth as a battleground where we play out the forces of good and evil, where we, the good, declare what we have power over, evil. Nor does it work any longer to try to deny our own physicality (our own “mattering”) and dream of escaping to the heavens. These views have served to separate ourselves from our sense of Place and have created a belief system where we no longer Belong but are at odds with and have dominance over the physical world that is “around us”. (It is interesting to note that the use of the word "belong" has steadily decreased since the Industrial Revolution.)


As beings of matter we have physical bodies that interact on a physical plane. We now know scientifically that we are living systems; that we are the substance that we walk on. We are the same electromagnetic energy as this Earth. We are the same elements and qualities of this Earth in a dynamic, changing process. Scientifically, we have come to know what the indigenous cultures have lived all along.


A living system self-organizes in response to the danger presented when the system becomes dysfunctional and moves into “positive disintegration” which is expressed in such motions as the Big Bang and the splitting open of seeds. As part of this system, with our understanding of the mutuality, we must respond to the dysfunction with action. In perfection, because we are a living system, not one of us holds all that we need within our individuality to correct our path. Therefore, we must open the door to each individual’s unique gifts and experiences. Each individual’s story is as important as important to be told as the next. Each individual’s personal healing is as important as the next. Healing the self heals the world.


Indigenous and shamanic cultures throughout the world have maintained this understanding of mutuality and honor it in their way of life and the stories they tell. They live in balance and reciprocity because they have not created a split between themselves and the Earth. They carry a deep sense of Belonging because there is a unified world view.


Without this deep sense of belonging, what fills the void? In compensating for this unfilled longing, this primal need to Belong to the matrix to which we were born, we have created compensatory behaviors in the form of addictions and consumerism that only serve to alienate us and further disconnect from the Earth and balance. We have created dis-ease in the form of alienation, isolation, hatred, self hatred, and war, to name a few, as well as the physical dis-eases that manifest.


What we need now, at this time on the planet, is a worldview that brings us back into balance with ourselves; with the matrix that is all this physical/energetic life of this planet. This worldview is being presented across many disciplines of science and religious thought.