Uses of Brennan Healing Science


Brennan Healing Science has been used to complement medical care in:

Anxiety or depression

Immune system disorders

Cancer and cancer treatment procedures

Nervous system disorders

Facilitating physical healing of dis-ease, injury and trauma

Restoring balance and well-being

Relieving pain and swelling

Holistically preparing for and post-support for surgery

Repatterning the body to overcome addictions

Increasing vitality and quality of life


Emotional benefits of Brennan Healing Science:

Lighter, more spacious feeling in emotional life

Move more easily through transitions

Find joy, vitality and passion for life

Release emotional holding; enjoy emotional relief

Claim and be more comfortable with the full range of one’s emotions


Mental benefits of Brennan Healing Science:

Increased mental speed and clarity

Mitigation of confusion

Help in making decisions from one’s highest good

Release of limiting beliefs

Experience of mental peace, gratitude and happiness


Spiritual benefits of Brennan Healing Science:

Greater development and relationship to one’s intuition and inner knowing

A remembering of one’s inherent love, wisdom and power

Development of stronger intention and the ability to focus upon and accomplish goals

Expand consciousness and awareness

Experience transformation

A remembering of what a miracle life is!