The physical world is held intact by the underlying worlds of energy and consciousness. It is within the physical dimension that the sensate impressions of the elements and systems make themselves known. It is here that the elements can be known by touch, taste, sight, smell and hearing. These sensations allow us entrance into the deeper levels of being that can be used in this healing model. It is here we can describe our connections, our longings and imbalances. It is here where initially we develop physical memory and connection to our places.


The element of Earth provides the forms and structures of both earth and human bodies. These elements provide differentiated forms for life to survive in functional physical interdependence. Earth element shows on this planet as rock, vegetation, mountain, soil, fur and wing. Within the body, earth manifests in bones, muscles, the digestive system, teeth, hair, skin. It is here we physically experience the sensations of eating and holding, walking, touching, movement, pleasure, and pain, .


The water element cleanses and uses movement to purify, washing material and emotions. Because water is present everywhere in forms of liquid, solid or gas, it connects all beings on a physical level as well. Water feeds systems, ours and the earth by carrying nutrients and gases to all reaches. Water keeps the bodies flexible and alive.


In the physical dimension, water arises as condensation, the circulatory system, the lymphatic system and the urinary system; tears, saliva, cerebral spinal fluid, ponds mist, oceans, clouds and rivers. Salt water is the primordial origin of all life connecting all Earth on an ancient cellular level to all things past, present and future.


Fire and electricity reflect in the physical dimension as the molten core of the earth, the sun’s warming rays, or the burning of a forest fire and as heat, metabolism and passion, the burning through of the earth fuels creating transformation and change. Fire element and electricity keep both body systems warm to maintain life. Fire and electricity present through the nervous system with its sparks, charges and electrical connections within the atmosphere of the mind; through lava, sexual charge and smoldering coals.


On the physical dimension, air and atmosphere relate to the human respiratory system and the transpiration of plants. The earth breathes just as the human body does; both are dependent on the exchange of gases with each other. Gases permeate and bring life force to the cells and tissues of all living systems, a decrease in this flowing exchange means death. Additionally, air and atmosphere maintain space for movement which in turn generate flexibility and the need for cohabitation and cooperation; another reminder of the oneness of the living systems of this planet. Each brings the other life force and expansion. Like water, air is a medium that connects everything. Air is everywhere and everything. It is the essential element of existence.

We can know the sacred element of void, or space, in the rising and falling of the things of life. We know void is in the space that matter occupies and leaves from.