Beneath the human energy field lies the haric level, in which we hold our intentions. Our intentions have a tremendous importance in our creative process. When we have unconscious, mixed, or opposing intentions, we fight against ourselves and disrupt the creative process. When we learn to align our intentions not only within ourselves but with the immediate group of people with whom we work, then align the intentions of our immediate group with the larger group that serves it, and so on, we tap into tremendous creative abilities.
— Barbara Brennan, Light Emerging

“In health and healing, the same principle of aligning with our purpose holds true. To the extent that we stay on line with our purpose to maintain or regain our health, to that exact degree we will maintain or regain our health wherever it is humanly possible. Distortion in the Hara Line and the points along it depict the tremendous pain of humanity. This is pain that humanity feels but does not understand.

Dysfunction, in the Haric level, is related to intention and life task. When your Hara Line is aligned, you are synchronized with the whole. When your Haric Level is healthy, you will feel a lot of personal integrity, power and personal purpose, because you are synchronized with universal purpose. Everything flows easily just as it ought to.”* Our cross-purposes will also be materialized in the outer world as problems in creating or accomplishing something.

The hara line consists of four points of contact as we incarnate out of the void into this particular life on Earth. It originates at the individuation point located above our heads where we first manifest out of the void and is our connection to the godhead. The second point is the Soul Seat in the upper chest area around the thymus gland where we hold our longing that leads us through this life and our purpose for being here. The third point along the hara line is the Tan Tien located two and one half inches below the navel and is the one note that holds us in physical manifestation. The hara line then continues down into Earth’s core and allows us to synchronize with Earth’s magnetic field and use the energy of Earth for our lives.

For ourselves, we will truly know hara alignment when we are in mutuality with Earth. When we are truly in hara, and in hara as a group, we can not be at cross purposes with the living system of which we are a part. 

*Barbara Brennan, Light Emerging