The auric dimension holds the energetic framework upon which the physical world rests. This level contains the energies of our personalities and correspond to our thoughts and feelings. According to Barbara Brennan, "the auric field is a quantum leap deeper into our personality than is our physical body. It is at this level of our being that our psychological processes take place. The aura is the vehicle for all psychosomatic reactions. From the viewpoint of a healer, all disease is psychosomatic. A balanced functioning of our auric field is necessary to maintain our health.”


Recognized aurically, physical form on this Earth is what we feast on with our souls. This is where we experience Beauty. This is where we feel abundance and protection. These are the things that we can treasure and name. This is also the place of attachment and loss; of growth and decay. In balance, earth element presents a solidity and groundedness. There is a sense of connection and confidence. We are responsible to ourselves and do not get knocked off balance. When there is too much earth in our system, we are dull and plodding. Depression can set in and the feeling of being stuck. Thinking is stagnant. If there is too little earth, there is flightiness or spaciness. There is a sense of being ungrounded and disconnected.


On the auric dimension, in balance, water presents comfort, easy movement in relationships and situations as well as an innate contentment with being alive. When water is dominant, there is a swell of feeling and emotion which can cause loss of clarity, presence as well as losing responsibility to oneself. When one has deficient water there is a lack of comfort and joy. There is little pleasure. Life is dry.


On the auric dimension, balanced fire presents in creativity and inspiration, happiness in accomplishment and the bliss of being as well as the wisdom of discrimination. When fire is dominant, there is agitation and irritability. There can be annoyance, anger, judgementalness and impulsivity. With a deficiency in the element of Fire there is lack of energy and vitality. There is little inspiration and joy. Life becomes routine.


Aurically, in balance, air is the element of flexibility. Problems in the mind give way to resolution or the next thing, which moves in new directions and perspectives. When there is deficient air, things get stuck; concerns and worries stay. When air is dominant, there is little stability or contentment with what is present. Happiness and belief crumble.


We can know void in the rising and falling of thoughts within our minds, in the expanse that our mind and being is. It is the place of mystery and potential.