Our true nature is far more ancient and encompassing than the separate self defined by habit and society. We are as intrinsic to our living world as the rivers and trees, woven of the same intricate flows of matter/energy and mind. Having evolved us into self-reflexive consciousness, the world can now know itself through us, behold its own majesty, tell its own stories — and also respond to its own suffering.
— Joanna Macy, Coming Back to Life, Practices to Reconnect Our Lives, Our World

Maps are gestures for understanding relationship with/to this Earth by calling forth the places we know. Mapping can awaken our memories and become an entrance into the deeper feeling that we associate with Place, our thoughts about the natural world of which we are a part and stir our feelings of love and caring of Place. We interact with the “soul” of a place, its genus loci, by allowing it to unfold in our consciousness and our energetic systems. We begin to experience Place within the Four Dimensions - physical, auric, haric and core star. As we experience this Sense of Place, we become oriented. (Lacking this sense of place is disorienting.)


Through the process of mapping, relationships can be drawn by understanding our interaction with the Earth and the connection or lack of connection to each element can be identified. The elements arise in the telling of the stories and penetrate the field of the storyteller, bringing the “self”, the Earth and the relationship into better balance.


Maps also provide us images which to allow us to sit with the grief and despair of our relationship with the earth, helping us to envision new energies and inspire towards hope. We need images that connect us to the reality of our mutuality in this in-between time.




As I sit with a client in the process of mapping, I expand and balance my energy field to come into contact. I align hara and upwell Core Star. I then ask my client to show me through mapping and storytelling; how they live on and with the land they will describe. I ask them to talk about places that are special to them, where they hold memories, how they experience the land. As the client tells their stories, I continue to hold them in their Essence.


Because making a map is a nonlinear process, I try to ask as few leading questions as possible so they have their own pace and flow in allowing their stories to come forward. It is the winding along of thoughts where one memory can lead to another or the details of one particular place may deepen.


The auric dimension unfolds as the client upwells feelings, sensations, memories. The field of the client expands as each of the stories of the land unfold. The client begins to hold the states of being of Love and Trust. As the client tells the stories and maps the land, the elements reveal themselves which are also great indicators of the auric dimension. The relationship with each of the elements becomes evident; which elements are in balance with the client and which are not. I often ask questions to further reveal these relationships. For instance, I might ask, “and where do you connect with water?....” At times, places of resistance are also brought up. There is a questing into these places; this is where I, as a healer, interject questions to bring in deeper exploration. These places of resistance could be further explored in a more formal healing environment.


Overall, it has been my experience that this process of mapping and storytelling creates a auric balanced field within the client. I think this is due to many reasons: the expansion of the field as noted above, the profound healing effect of a client being held in presence and being given the opportunity to be heard, and also the relocation of the client within their physical and energetic matrix, the Earth.


For the Earth, healing arises from vibrational energetic states that are within the auric dimension and infuse the Earth as well as the client. The energetic vibrations of awe, reverie and respect are States of Being that are healing for this planet. It is the world knowing itself through us in gratitude and appreciation that helps it come back into balance.

Sincere prayer, a pure emotional expression, increases life-force....Life- force can be retrieved from any dimension by opening, accepting, and appreciating....Where there is love there is connection and appreciation. Through connection the energy of the earth element is strengthened and it strengthens the life- force.
— Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Healing with Form, Energy and Light

As the client tells their story, haric lines are drawn deep into Earth. The haric dimension is alignment with Earth, connection to life purpose and to action on behalf of life. It is the strengthening and aligning of this connection that allows the energies of Earth to aid our intention and responsibility to be physical form. The creation of many maps in a particular region strengthens the haric alignment of the community. Intention is etched into the landscape and into the haric dimension of each individual who creates the map.

Throughout, at each step, it is evident that action on behalf of life transforms. Because the relationship between self and world is reciprocal, it is not a question of first getting enlightened or saved and then acting,. As we work to heal the Earth, the Earth heals us. No need to wait. As we care enough to take risks, we loosen the grip of ego and begin to come home to our true nature. For, in the co-arising nature of things, the world itself, if we are bold to love it, acts through us. It does not ask us to be pure or perfect, or wait until we are detached from all passions, but only to care, to harness the sweet, pure intention of our deepest passions, and - as the early Scripture of the Mother of All Buddhas says - “fly” like a bodhisattva.
— Joanna Macy, World as Lover, World as Self


Strengthening haric alignment through mapping can create the impetus to move towards healthy action. Strong hara is a commitment to health. Alignment with the desire for health is achieved when the energetic patterning is truly towards health and not at cross purposes. “When our purpose is also to assuage fear, we have mixed intentions or are at cross-purposes with ourselves. This interferes with the natural process of creativity in our lives, and we can’t create what we want.”16 The great desire to heal the earth through activism can often be tinged with fear, creating a situation where energetically the mixed intentions interfere with what we are trying to manifest (planetary health).



To create a map is to enter the enchanted sense of the world and begin to recover the animistic quality that is innate within us. This quality, which is also the core of the indigenous mind, can create the ecological ego. The ecological ego holds our ethical responsibility with this planet and moves us to action. It can start to create a new way of being and relating; one that moves us from a place of relationship. It can help us to envision something different; a vision of mutuality formed from Multidimensional Core Contact.


Much of what is revealed in the process of mapping is the Core. We have connected to ourselves, to our stories, to the deeper dimensions of our beings, and, through intention, to the Earth itself. In the process of connecting to our own Core Essence by entering the dimensions of the physical, the auric and the haric in mutuality, we have brought forth the Core Essence of the radiant Earth herself. Here, in mutual contact from Core Essence, from the divine source, we will heal together.


...Above all, a story is a part of a greater whole, a continuum of stories that has neither a beginning nor an end. Each story in its own way fills in a section of the larger narrative, giving us a fuller sense of life.
— http://www.pbs.org/circleofstories/voices/