Mutuality of relationship between self and Earth can be explored within the Four Dimensions of Humankind as put forth in the Brennan Healing Science (BHS) model and within the elements as expressed in cultures that live close to the earth; the sacred elements of earth, water, fire air and void, specifically looked at here within Tibetan Shamanism. The Brennan Healing Science model recognizes the energy system which is around and through us, which supports and nourishes us as the underlying foundation of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual realities. The Four Dimensions of Humankind are defined in the BHS model: “we have our physical bodies, and we have the Auric field which surrounds our bodies.... [the]Haric Dimension is the foundation of the Aura. Underneath Hara, there is a yet deeper dimension that we call Core Star Dimension. All of these dimensions have to connect with each other in order to express who we are. When we have one or more blocks somewhere in our levels [dimensions], we will eventually have some kind of dysfunction....when you align yourselves on these levels [dimensions] - core star, the aura, the hara, and the physical body - then you are in synchronicity with the world around you as well as yourselves.”5

This mutuality of relationship is also reflected in Tibetan Shamanism where the five elements are considered to be the substance of all things existing external to the human body in the physical world, internally within the body, and within the secret dimension as well. In Tibetan culture a person’s relationship with the elements determines the quality of their life’s experiences.