By deepening our relationship to Earth, we can begin to change the worldviews that have led us to alienation and separation, which justify the abuses we bring to ourselves and to this planet. In deepening our relationship, we can begin to integrate into our beings the understanding that we are one living system as presented throughout time by indigenous cultures and now within current scientific thinking. Extending the understanding into the political and social realm, the remembering of the connection to the earth matrix creates the aligned ecological awareness and clear intention necessary for environmental activism to be effective for Earth.

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This project explores the mutuality of earth and self that can be understood and accessed through the four dimensions of humankind as presented in the BBSH model and through an understanding of the five elements in Tibetan Shamanism. Combined with the process of mapping and telling our stories, a reorientation can occur which can strengthen the self’s connection to its earth matrix and reestablish health for both self and Earth. As we tell our stories and map the lands, we create a sense of belonging for ourselves as well as a deep contact with Earth on all the dimensions of our being; the physical, the auric, the haric and the Core Star. This reorientation strengthens the self’s connection to its earth matrix and not only reestablishes health on all levels of our being but on the Earth’s as well.