Energy healing is a holistic, humanistic and gentle approach to healing. It works with the human energy field by using hands-on healing to balance, charge, clear and repair the energy field, helping to restore health on all levels.  Energy healing addresses the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, intentional and essential levels of the human being and human development. 

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Our physical body is surrounded and interpenetrated by this organized pattern of energy, the human energy field, the qualities of which relate directly to a person’s state of health. Patterns of dis-ease or illness, whether it is physical, mental, or emotional, first show up in the energy field before they becomes apparent in the physical world. 

Through hands-on healing, a spectrum of energy frequencies enter the field to replenish and balance, prompting the field to take what it needs. The body is stimulated in its ability to heal itself and consequently, the healing comes from within the client’s own self. The part of the healer in this process is to help the client remember, regenerate, and replace the frequency and flow of energy that it needs to heal wholly on all levels.

Healing is a personally unique journey, moving one toward increased consciousness and wholeness of being. Healing may mean many things; healthier relationships with family members, increased physical health, or the ability to know and do one’s life work. For others, healing may mean coming to terms with their life as it is, or perhaps even their dying.